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The Bat

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The Party

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Derek "Guido" Giovanni
Dude, you don't even know.
Kaitlin Nowak, RN
As a medical professional, I recommend this bat.
Max Chatfield
This bat changed my life.

The History of Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat is a new and popular game that has received national recognition within the past few years. The game was discovered by a group of college friends while participating in a rivaled game of wiffle ball. The bat they were using experienced significant wear and tear over the years and as a result there was a hole at the handle end of the bat. In between their three game series, one of the friends observed his roommate, jokingly, pouring his drink into the bat and drinking from it so he issued him a challenge:

He bet him that he couldn't pour his whole beverage in the bat, chug it, spin, and hit his knuckle ball. The roommate accepted the challenge and this group of friends never laughed as hard as they did with the events that ensued. That, my friends is the day that Dizzy Bat was born. These friends played Dizzy Bat at every party, tailgate, and event that they could. The word got out and soon people across the nation were enjoying hours upon hours of Dizzy Bat entertainment.